How we grew sales by 35% for an online store in a highly competitive market using only Facebook Ads?

Fashion boutique Maria Bella
Marketing Report
01/09/2020 - 30/06/2021

Fashion boutique Maria Bella - Marketing Report

For the client: Fashion Boutique Maria Bella is a women's boutique, which was founded in 2018 and sells women's clothing in various categories with an assortment of over 150-200 products. The prices of the products are in the low-middle class and are suitable mainly for women between the ages of 16 and 45. Subsequently, the boutique opens its online store in 2019 in order to increase its sales.

Getting Started: In mid-2020, the owners contacted us to audit and create a long-term strategy to increase Facebook sales.

After auditing previous campaigns launched by another agency, we found that there is a need to increase the ROAS of individual Conversion campaigns, as the profit margin for this type of product is not high compared to high-end clothing in the women’s fashion sector.

In the beginning we started with a Sales Funnel to increase traffic to the site, which would cover different groups by age, location and interests. In the period April-June 2020 we concluded that the most desired target group for this type of products on the site are women in big cities, 18-45 years and who are engaged online buyers.

After the first months of testing, we increased the budget and started remarketing with different types of campaigns the already "warmed up" visitors from the site and fans of the site and those who have engaged in posts and ads.

Fashion boutique Maria Bella - Marketing Report

Results: The trend in the online industry and in the women's clothing sector in recent years clearly shows that the year can be divided into several sales periods.

The first period is the so-called "Post-Christmas period" or the months of January - February. It can be said to be moderate in terms of sales, and we found this out after our first six months of working with Maria Bella Boutique.

The second period is the period March - May / June, which can be said to be strong and sales are gradually increasing.

The third period is the "Vacation Period", in which people, especially those in the United States and Europe, take long vacations and do not take the time to search and compare products online. It covers mid-June to late August and early September. It is the weakest period of the year.

The fourth period is the period of "Renaissance" as we call it in our company, where people are preparing for the upcoming "Black November" (in the last 1-2 years has long been not just a week or 2-3 days) and the Christmas holidays. Then the traffic and sales are the highest.

With our client Maria Bella, we managed to catch the trends in this sector and thus optimize the budgets for different periods.

- Price for acquiring a new client: $ 6.54 / ROAS: 6.4

- Price for purchase in remarketing campaign: $ 3.86 / ROAS: 11.5

- Sales for the period: 2800+

Fashion boutique Maria Bella - Marketing Report

Important: It should be noted that after the release of the iOS 14.5 update, the purchase price and the number of sales shown on Facebook changed, as most of Maria Bella's customers shopped through iOS devices and this reflects on the results. But this has happened to almost all online stores in the world.

This is the sales data directly from Facebook. Here are the results for the period of the site:

  • Total orders for the period: 3741
  • Average per month: 370
  • Sales: BGN 197,879.
  • Clients: 3570
  • Average order: BGN 53
  • Customer lifetime value: BGN 64

Conclusion: We managed to achieve an average ROAS for new customers of nearly 6.4 and for remarketing campaigns - 11.5 and an average monthly turnover of BGN 19,500. Subsequently, Google's ads and email campaign were added to the client's strategy, but Facebook remains the highest ROI sales channel.

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