How we increased the FB Purchases with 115% and the sales with 57% in a niche B2B market?

Wonderful Dental
Marketing Report
01/01/2021 - 31/12/2021

Wonderful Dental - Marketing Report

For the client: Wonderful Dental is a company-provider of dental products for offices and businesses, based in the United States. The company was founded by Dr. David Epstein, a dentist with over 50 years of experience in the field. Later on, Wonderful Dental decided to create their own Shopify online store to increase their sales and share in the US market. The company sales directly, without any distributors, and offers to its clients amazing prophy paste and fluoride varnish alongside with other dental products. It has over 1500+ 5-star positive reviews and feedbacks.

Wonderful Dental - Marketing Report

Getting Started: In the beginning of 2021, Wonderful Dental have contacted us to make an audit of their Facebook account as they wanted to create a long-term strategy and improve the ROAS, Total conversions, CPA and Link through rate.

Before us, the company has worked with several agencies and the owners have come to the conclusion the budget wasn’t used to find new potential clients, only to retarget old ones. In addition, the ROAS from all the campaign averaged around 3, which is low considering the high return frequency and avg.order size of 345$.

Wonderful Dental - Marketing Report

In the first three months, our goal was to test and explore the potential audiences, to which we could target the different types of creatives and copies and gain new clients in the process.

After the first two months, we concluded which audience is the best match and continued to use it in our TOFU campaigns.

Afterwards, it was important to try a Lookalike audience to see if we can expand the potential customers. In the process we found out that the past customers are very likely to convert from Facebook and so we created separated MOFU and BOFU campaigns for them, which increased the ROAS to around 30 in that period.

Wonderful Dental - Marketing Report

The second period (May-July) it was essential for us to understand which type of ads and copies have the highest ROAS and the lowest CPA. We tested different kinds of creatives to determine that.

After we finally knew which is our audience, what kind of campaign work and what don’t, what budget we should put and what are the creatives and copies that triggers them to buy, it was time to scale the results.

  • Price for acquiring a new client: $ 62 / ROAS: 6.3
  • Price for purchase in remarketing campaign: $ 9 / ROAS: 35
  • Facebook Conversions for the period: 979
  • Customer lifetime value: 1029$
Wonderful Dental - Marketing Report

Important: It should be noted that after the release of the iOS 14.5 update, the purchase price and the number of sales shown on Facebook changed, as most of Wonderful Dental customers shopped through iOS devices and this reflects on the results. But this has happened to almost all online stores in the world.

Conclusion: As a result from the Marketing team working with Wonderful Dental, we managed to increase the Facebook conversions by 115% compared to 2020, increased the sales by 57% and the orders – by 64%.

Wonderful Dental - Marketing Report

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