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Online Supermarket Zasiti.BG
Marketing Report
01/01/2021 - 31/12/2021

Online Supermarket Zasiti.BG - Marketing Report

For the client: Zasiti.BG is an online supermarket, operating under the Varna retail supermarket chain Ситимаркет, founded in 2007. The brand has over 15+ stores in the area.

Getting Started: In the pre-pandemic period of 2020, the owners of Ситимаркет contacted us about having a website and expanding their business to the online market. At that moment, there were few competitors in the sector, who have been selling online with a success. 

Online Supermarket Zasiti.BG - Marketing Report

The goal in the beginning was to develop the already started online store, but which wasn’t finished properly, had some major bugs and wasn’t mobile friendly.

Another challenge was to decide from which of the 15 physical stores to connect the online shop and synchronize it with the warehouse software, which took time.

Our partners from Smart DG took the task to build from scratch the website and assisted with our brand design partners from Studio UNDERLINE, they’ve created a beautiful, mobile and UI/UX friendly online shop.

Online Supermarket Zasiti.BG - Marketing Report

Results: After everything was completed with the website, it was time to prepare the online campaigns. At that moment, the pandemic has already hit the world and Varna was no exclusion from the situation. Strict measures, only supermarkets, pharmacies and banks were open. This was the perfect storm for us to grow the potential of Zasiti.BG.

Online Supermarket Zasiti.BG - Marketing Report

After we did a research on keywords, search volume and having some insights of the online food ordering sector in the area, we’ve created a long-term strategy based on Google search, Display ads and Facebook performance ads.

At that moment, one competitor in the retail sector had already been performing advertising campaigns for the past 2 years and had taken over 85% of the market.

The biggest challenge for us was to redirect the customers who were searching for online supermarkets and the competitor, to the online shop of Zasiti.BG.

As we spoke with the client, we explained to him that free delivery, low minimal order cost and at least two weekly promotions are some of the reasons people would convert to use 

Using these services advantages, we focused our efforts on bidding more on certain keywords with avg. CPA of 3.00 EUR in Google search, as well as getting exposure, reach and traffic in Google Display and Facebook ads.

After a 12-month period advertising in Google and Facebook, here are the results:

  1. Google Ads (March – Dec 2021)

  • Conversions: 2388

  • CPA – 2.93 EUR

  • ROAS – 6.36

  • Sales – 45 000 EUR

  1. Facebook Ads

  • Purchases: 2210

  • CPA – 3.05 EUR

  • ROAS – 8.2

  • Sales – 41 500 EUR

The website results for 2021:

- Total orders for the period: 7200+

- Average sales per month: 13 500 EUR

- Total Sales: 163 000 EUR

- Clients: 1240

- Average orders per client: 5.8

- Customer lifetime value: 130 EUR

Conclusion: We managed to become one of the three largest online supermarkets in the area with 4.64M impressions and monthly growing sales of 15%. One of our biggest wins was on the Bidding market in Google, where our average position is 1st place

Online Supermarket Zasiti.BG - Marketing Report

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